Kansas City artificial turf putting greens are typically surrounded by other grass, plants or hardscape, so they need a border to ensure their sub-base compacts correctly. This is where edging comes into play.

Aside from providing a neat perimeter for putting greens, edging keeps the sub-base compact and protected from the elements. It’s crucial for installations that have edges with uneven terrain, are not resting against a wall or double as pet play spaces.

Backyard Artificial Turf Putting Green Edging Ideas

Don’t diminish your backyard putting green’s visual appeal with loose edges. Take your pick from these top artificial grass edging options:

    • Timber Edging Artificial Turf Ideas

      Timber is one of the most commonly used border systems for synthetic grass in Kansas City. It’s easy to cut and modify and a breeze to install. Installers typically stake to the soil, attach the edging to them with a decking screw, tuck the artificial turf around the timber, then secure it with galvanized nails. Timber edging can last up to 10 years or more.


    • Plastic Edging

      Composite plastic edging shares the installation process and most of the benefits of timber edging. However, unlike timber, it doesn’t rot. It can last up to 25 years or more depending on the quality of its material.


    • Steel Edging

      Steel edging has a longer lifespan compared to timber and plastic edging. It can be bent, in case the putting green has curved edges and is easy to install.

      Some types of steel edging come with galvanized U-pins to secure the edge of the synthetic turf. Others have tabs for heavy-duty adhesive. Installers will carefully check placement before applying the adhesive to prevent wrinkles and creases.


    • Sleepers

      Pressure-treated sleepers are ideal for putting greens beside gardens or on raised beds. They work well with plants and can be stacked to achieve various heights. Installers usually fit sleepers by attaching them to posts or placing them on a hardscape, then securing the perimeter either galvanized nails or decking screws.


    • Paving

      Paving stones offer an attractive way to define the perimeters of artificial grass for Kansas City putting greens. They come in different varieties, such as concrete, brick and cobblestone. If your backyard already has paving, consider using the same type for your course to ensure a cohesive landscape.


    • Artificial Grass

      If you don’t want hardscape edging for your putting green, you can border it with another type of artificial turf in Kansas City instead. Choose one that’s denser and darker in color than your course’s synthetic turf. Your grass border can stretch to your home’s walls and yard’s fences or just surround your backyard putting green.


Complete Your Artificial Turf Installation with the Right Edging

If you’re not sure which edging material best suits your installation, narrow down your options then consult our experts here at Kansas City Artificial Grass. We’d be happy to provide recommendations and share more creative ideas to spruce up your green and other parts of your home. Call us today at 866-309-8873 to set up a consultation and receive a free quote!