Artificial turf in Kansas City is so versatile, it can be used in places you’d least expect such as the roof. A major reason for this is that synthetic grass doesn’t need the complicated lawn care or soil requirements of natural grass. This makes it an excellent way to transform bare rooftops into a beautiful outdoor living space – minus the hassle and expense of the real thing.

5 Benefits of Using Artificial Grass for Rooftops

From residential roof decks to top-level rooftops for apartment buildings, artificial grass can offer tremendous value in several ways:

  1. It adds more green space to dwellings.

Synthetic turf allows you to add green spaces where natural grass cannot grow. This is especially important in urban areas – studies show that being exposed to nature is essential for physical and mental health.

Synthetic grass can be applied to most roof surfaces such as concrete, wood, or stone, so you can create a park-like setting for people to relax in and retreat to anytime they want.

  1. It creates a safer surface.

Bare rooftops can be a hazard when it rains due to the slippery surface. Covering high-traffic areas with synthetic turf reduces the risk. Water simply drains through artificial grass, and the blades don’t become slippery when wet.

  1. It offers greater insulation.

A lot of slightly-sloped or flat roofs are covered with rubber sealant or tar paper which can get incredibly hot when exposed to sunlight, especially in the summer. Kansas City artificial grass can add extra insulation without the dampness and weight of a rooftop made from natural turf. It can also help prevent heat from building up, leading to cooler attics and upper floors.

It works the opposite way during the colder months. During winter, the insulation provided by synthetic turf keeps the heat in, keeping the space warm, cozy, and energy-efficient.

  1. It helps your rooftop last longer.

When installed on a roof that’s flat or with a slight slope, artificial turf can help bring down your maintenance costs. Thanks to the excellent drainage of synthetic turf, there’s no standing water to degrading or damage to your roof. It also lessens exposure to sunlight, which can also contribute to roof damage.

Instead of spending money and time fixing up your rooftop, you can spend more time enjoying your cool and green space!

  1. It enhances the value of a home.

Installing artificial turf on a rooftop is a smart investment. High-quality grass products last for many years without losing its beauty and function, which means it essentially pays for itself with time. If you ever want to sell your property, having a deck carpeted with artificial grass or a grassy terrace will be a fantastic selling point.

Get Creative with Synthetic Grass in Kansas City

The bottom line is that synthetic grass in Kansas City is excellent for both high-level spaces like roofs and ground-level installations such as walkways and lawns. Kansas City Artificial Grass can also install artificial turf indoors for mini golf, green living rooms, and more!

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