Make your backyard a more tranquil, contemplative space by adding a water feature along with Kansas City, MO artificial grass installation. The efficient drainage backing and durable blades of artificial grass enable it to accommodate even the heaviest designs without losing its beauty. Transform your lawn into a peaceful sanctuary by adding an outdoor water feature to your artificial yard!

Why Artificial Grass is Ideal for Water Features

Outdoor water features can complete any lawn —the soothing flow of the water is the perfect complement to lush, green grass. Unfortunately, real grass may not be the best surface for this upgrade. The weight of water features can damage delicate grass. Weeds, loose soil and lawn maintenance chemicals can contaminate the water.

The best artificial turf in Kansas City offers an excellent solution. Here’s what makes it the better choice for outdoor water features:

1. Can handle heavy equipment

Since a lot of water features are made of stone, metal and other heavy materials, you need a surface that can handle that weight. Artificial grass is designed to withstand a high amount of pressure without breaking or sustaining damage, enabling it to support most types of water features.

2. Can drain water efficiently

Artificial grass will surround water features with a quick-draining layer to prevent the formation of puddles and catch drips. What’s left is a sanitary, dry surface that will highlight the beauty of your waterscape.

3. Can maintain the cleanliness of the water

With a natural lawn comes weeds, twigs, leaves and other debris that can pollute your water feature. Artificial grass eliminates this issue since its blades stay in place no matter the conditions outside.

4. Provides a non-slip surface

If your water feature is part of a pool or a splash pad, you need to provide a safe surface for people to walk on. The non-slip nature of synthetic turf is perfect for this purpose. No matter how much water splashes on turf, it still offers a secure and solid footing.

5. Can be cut to fit any shape and size

Synthetic grass in Kansas City simplifies the addition of water features to your yard. Instead of struggling with fitting and growing real grass around the feature, installers only have to cut the turf before application. Feel free to choose unique designs for your water feature, and let the installers take care of the rest.

Water Feature Ideas for Your Artificial Lawn

Are you ready to transform your lawn into a relaxing haven? Consider adding one or more of these water features to your landscape!

• In-ground or above the ground ponds
• Splash pads
• Streams and waterfalls
• Mini brooks
• Fountains
• Statues that incorporate water

Artificial Grass: The Perfect Backdrop for Lawn Features

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