Installing artificial grass on your lawn is not cheap. Hiring experienced professionals to install artificial turf in Kansas City lets you be confident that your investment will last. But how can one be sure in choosing the best artificial grass installer?

Questions to Ask Professional Artificial Turf Installers

When hiring an artificial grass installer, there are several important things to consider. Listed below are some questions to help homeowners choose the best artificial grass installer for their lawn.

Do they provide a written quote?

Written quotes serve as the customer’s protection against overcharging and installation problems. A written quote should detail the work involved. It should also include the materials and the corresponding costs.

Never trust estimates given over the phone. No matter how experienced an installer is, it is impossible to give an accurate price without actually visiting and assessing the project site. Since each project for installing synthetic grass in Kansas City is unique, prices per square foot often vary.

Another important thing to note is that quotations should be inclusive of Sales Tax (if applicable). Always confirm if the cost in the quotation includes Sales Tax to avoid any surprises in relation to costs. This is to avoid going over your budget.

Do they have a work portfolio?

Pictures of a professional installer’s previous work give customers a better idea of the installer’s competence. Ask for before and after photos to help you visualize the change that will happen to your lawn.

Check the professional installer’s website before contacting them. When they come over to visit the project site, it is a good idea to ask them to show more photos and discuss the completed work. This gives you a chance to better gauge their mastery of installing Kansas City artificial grass.

Do they have references?

Professional installers always tell you how good they are. As such, it is important to ask their previous customers about the quality of their work as well as customer service practices. Ask the professional installer for references you can talk to. Just be sure that the professional installer sought permission from the given reference before contacting them. Another great reference point today is online reviews on Google or other review sites.

Do they have artificial turf samples?

Ask a professional installer to bring and show samples of artificial grass. They should be able to discuss the difference of each type and their respective benefits. More importantly, a professional installer should be able to recommend the most suitable material.

When viewing samples, it is best to lay them side by side on the lawn where the installation will go. This way, it will be much easier to see their difference and choose which one suits your aesthetic preference.

Do they require upfront payment?

It is common practice for professional installers of artificial turf in Kansas City to ask for a deposit or partial payment before commencing any work. However, never hand over full payment until the job is complete. Make sure that the installation is satisfactory and done exactly as agreed. Take asking for full upfront payment as a red flag and avoid installers who do so.

Choose Artificial Turf Professional Installers Wisely

Artificial grass installer selection is easier with the help of the guide questions above. At Kansas City Artificial Grass, we make sure you get the best service and highest quality of work. Call us now at 816-839-9485 to get started on your project and get a free quote!