Plant-free landscaping is quickly becoming a hot trend, especially today when drought and water shortages are sweeping much of the nation. This type of landscape relies on other materials, such as rocks, gravel, mulch and artificial turf in Kansas City to create a visually appealing outdoor space.

Why consider plant-free landscaping?

For some, a plant-free landscape may sound odd. After all, plants are an integral part of most gardens. However, it offers compelling benefits:

• Reduced water usage 

Traditional lawns and gardens require a lot of water to survive, which can be wasteful and expensive especially in dry areas like Kansas City. A plant-free landscape design can help you use less water while still enjoying a beautiful outdoor space.

• Minimal Maintenance

Not everyone enjoys spending their free time gardening, mowing, pulling out weeds or fertilizing their lawns. Plant-free landscaping is low maintenance and requires little labor, while still looking amazing.

• Aesthetics

Plants are not the only way to make your landscape look great and the right design can be every bit as beautiful as any garden full of organic greenery.

Tips for Creating a Plant-Free Landscape 

Ready to go plant-free? Here are some ideas and tips:

Go Artificial

Artificial turf in Kansas City, that is. Synthetic turf for homes is a great way to get the look of a green lawn without all of the maintenance. There are many different types and colors of artificial turf, so you can find one that is perfect for your home.

Design with Hardscape 

Hardscaping is a type of landscape design that focuses on using materials like concrete, stone and wood. For instance, you could create a patio, deck or pergola using these materials. Hardscape materials are durable and require little maintenance, making them the perfect choice for a plant-free lifestyle.

Add Softness with Water Features and Artificial Turf

A water feature can add a lot of beauty to your landscape and it doesn’t have to include any plants. A simple fountain or pond can add interest and you don’t have to worry about dead leaves or branches when you also have artificial grass in Kansas City.

Make it a Mix

Finally, try combining hardscape and softscape elements that create a visually appealing landscape. For example, you could add a patio, garden bed and birdbath to your yard scape. This type of design is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance landscape that still looks great.

The best part of plant-free landscaping is that there are no rules! You can mix and match these ideas to create a unique and personalized design that fits your home.

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