If you’re considering installing artificial turf in the Kansas City area, you may be concerned about the lawn getting uncomfortably or even dangerously hot under the blazing Midwestern sun. This used to be a common downside of synthetic grass, but modern high-quality products now come equipped with innovative heat reflective technology to keep your lawn cooler.

How Heat Reflective Technology Keeps Artificial Grass Cool

Quality artificial grass is embedded with microscopically small ceramic particles that are designed to reflect sunlight and heat instead of absorbing it. 

Just like wearing light colors helps keep you cooler in the summer, these tiny reflective particles prevent the synthetic blades from heating up, keeping the entire surface much cooler than traditional synthetic turf. The difference can be dramatic – reductions between 20-30°F are common even during peak sunlight hours.

Benefits for Homes, Pets, and Sports

This cooling technology provides some great benefits for Kansas City homeowners:

  • More comfortable to walk, play, or relax on during hot sunny days
  • Children can play safely without risk of overheating
  • Outdoor spaces stay enjoyable even in summer
  • Less need for shade structures or umbrellas

The technology also allows sports facilities to avoid game delays due to extreme heat. With heat reflective playing surfaces, you don’t have to worry about canceling that 3 PM little league game in 95°F weather.

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If you’re considering installing artificial turf for your home, business, or facilities, be sure to ask about heat reflective technology. We offer free consultations and quotes to discuss the best options for keeping your synthetic surfaces cool and comfortable during Kansas City’s hot humid summers. 

With the right turf, you can still enjoy the durability and beauty of artificial grass without sacrificing comfort. Reach out today or call 816-370-5387 to learn more and get a free quote!