Kansas City, MO realistic artificial grass maintenance is simple. Keep it clean, clear off debris from its surface and brush it regularly. Synthetic turf upkeep may vary depending on the season. Since spring, summer, fall and winter each come with unique weather conditions, implementing season-specific maintenance is a must if you want to keep your artificial grass lawn in top condition.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance Tips for Every Season

Achieve a low-maintenance lawn that you can be proud of for the whole year. Just follow these upkeep tips for each season and you’re good to go!

  • Spring

Spring requires a lot of upkeep, especially in its earlier days. The melting snow can leave behind scattered rocks, debris buildup and muddy soil on top of your synthetic turf. It can also alter your yard landscape.  Take care of these problems immediately.

Carefully clear off the rocks and debris on top of the artificial grass’s surface.  Then, rinse off mud and dirt from your synthetic turf with a hose. Don’t worry about the water stagnating, your artificial lawn’s proprietary drainage will get rid of excess moisture efficiently. Once it’s dry, brush the grass thoroughly to help its blades stand up.

Weeds also sprout up during the springtime. To keep them from getting out of hand, use non-toxic weedicide to control their growth in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Summer

If you love hosting outdoor parties, summer is the busiest season for your synthetic turf lawn. Make sure it stays in top condition despite the heat and high traffic. Remember, even if you have the best artificial turf in Kansas City, it can still get damaged with constant use.

Does your synthetic turf yard double as an outdoor play space for your pets? If so, make sure to take care of their waste properly. Get rid of their solid waste immediately. Then, disinfect and deodorize the affected area using a tissue-soaked in a light mix of vinegar and water. Determine your canine’s go-to “bathroom” areas and spray them with the same vinegar and water solution as well.

Barbecue grills and fire pits are another synthetic turf upkeep concern. At their hottest points, they can discharge embers which can damage nearby artificial grass.  After you barbecue, check if any embers have made its way to your turf. If the damage is severe, you can request a quick repair from your installer.

  • Autumn

Falling leaves are your biggest problem during the autumn. While they can’t damage the turf, they can accumulate fast. Since its surface is synthetic, the leaves won’t be able to decompose on the turf naturally. The result is a foul odor that can clog up your Kansas City, MO realistic artificial grass lawn’s drainage system.

Add “yard sweeping” to your daily upkeep routine. Clear fallen leaves, twigs and other debris off your artificial lawn. You can also use a leaf blower. Spruce up the turf afterwards with a stiff brush.

Before winter comes, double-check your artificial grass’s installation. Make sure it’s well secured and in top condition. Consult a synthetic turf installer if necessary. This way, you can rest assured that it will be able to withstand snow, sleet and ice.

  • Winter

Kansas City and the rest of Missouri occasionally get snow in the winter. Since high-quality synthetic turf is made to endure extreme weather conditions, you don’t have to worry about the low temperature damaging its blade. You can let the snow pile up on top of it as well. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you leave the snow alone and let it melt naturally when spring comes.

If you really need to get rid of the snow use a snow blower or a lightweight shovel. Be careful when you move the snow. Avoid scraping the synthetic blades, which are most likely frozen and brittle underneath the snow.

Keep Your Artificial Grass in Top Condition

Make the most of your synthetic turf landscape’s lifespan with on-point maintenance. For additional artificial grass installations and upgrades, work with an installer with proven expertise and extensive experience on synthetic turf. Choose Kansas City Artificial Grass.

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