Golf offers a wealth of benefits for senior adults. For one, the sport is mentally and physically stimulating. It’s a fun and low-impact outdoor exercise that most people enjoy. Because of this, Kansas City artificial grass putting greens are becoming a top feature for retirement homes.

Are Backyard Putting Greens Safe for Seniors?

Yes, especially if they’re made from synthetic grass in Kansas City. As people age, they are more vulnerable to slips and falls. Artificial putting greens makes the game safer for seniors. Compared to natural putting greens, synthetic turf offers the following benefits:

  • A non-slip surface to play golf on

Natural grass is dangerous when wet because moisture makes it very slippery. In addition, soil also creates mud, which creates another slipping hazard.

In contrast, artificial grass is always non-slip, even when wet. Turf’s built-in drainage system quickly eliminates water. As a result, artificial putting green surfaces dry out much faster than natural ones. Finally, there’s no dirt under the turf, which means no mud that will put senior golfers at risk.

  • A smooth and even surface that keeps seniors golfers safe

Live lawns often have dips and slopes. Create a putting green out of it, and these can create tripping hazards for the elderly. Even after smoothing the soil out, it will eventually get uneven. This is due to foot traffic plus wear and tear from clubs hitting the ground.

For a truly even and smooth surface to walk on, the best choice is artificial turf in Kansas City. Installers will level the ground completely before rolling out artificial turf. They will also make sure there are no surface wrinkles that people can trip over. Furthermore, synthetic grass fibers won’t get divots no matter how hard the players swing.

  • No pollen to trigger allergies in elderly residents

Elderly adults are more vulnerable to the effects of grass allergies. Because of this, residents may not be able to play golf as often as they want. This is especially true during spring, aka allergy season.

This isn’t a problem with synthetic lawns because they don’t generate pollen at all. Residents can enjoy golf and go outdoors any time of the year, free from grass allergies.

Commercial Artificial Grass in Kansas City

Synthetic turf can make retirement homes safer and more comfortable for residents. Finally, this is just one of the many projects we can handle for you. Need synthetic turf for your apartment complex, playground, venue and more? Call Kansas City Artificial Grass today at 866-309-8873 to discuss what you have in mind.