Lawn edgings or borders are a crucial consideration when installing Kansas City artificial grass. More than just a boundary marker, turf edging improves the overall look and function of your synthetic turf lawn. It’s a must, even if you’re only getting a small-scale installation like putting green or patio groundcover. Optimize your artificial lawn to its full potential with the right border placements.

How Artificial Turf Edging Enhances Your Lawn

Secured with turf nails and staples, the turf edging or border serves as the backbone of your landscaping project. Below is a list of what a strategically placed artificial grass edging brings to the table:

  • It helps maintain the integrity of the synthetic turf’s base material.
    With little to no base support, unsightly depressions due to soil erosion can mar the artificial turf. Proper turf edging prevents this issue by providing adequate base support.
  • It increases visual appeal without interfering with the turf’s drainage.
    Edging does not come in contact with the artificial grass’s proprietary drainage system since it is lower than the blade level. It’s a sustainable alternative to miniature fences and other border options.
  • It makes it easier to integrate turf into different places.
    Flexible turf edging embraces both natural curves and artificial turf designs. This makes it easy to blend synthetic grass harmoniously with various settings.

Types of Borders for Artificial Grass

Just as there are different types of quality artificial grass in Kansas City, there are also many kinds of edging to choose from. You can be assured of quality edging with any of the following at the end of your garden:

  • Brick or Concrete
    Brick or concrete curbs blend well with any kind of synthetic turf installation. You also count on them to build up the levels of your lawn.
  • Timber
    Timber is one of the more popular edging options due to its natural look and feel. Apart from being affordable, it goes well with just about any kind of installation. This border is driven into the ground with timber stakes.
  • Sleepers
    Sleepers are best suited for building up your lawn and enhancing its depth. Similar to timber borders, they are typically staked to the ground.
  • Aluminum
    This is often used to pin the artificial grass to the edging. It’s not the best option if you have pets. Determined dogs can dislodge the attachment and pull out the grass. Stick to sleepers or timber edging if your lawn doubles as a play space for your furry friends.

Bring High-Quality Edging to Your Turf!

With a good turf edging, you get not only an aesthetically pleasing border but also a secure and durable surface for your artificial grass landscape. Hire a professional installer for its on-point installation. Enjoy a worry-free, low maintenance yard that your family members and pets can enjoy with expertly added edging!

For top-quality artificial grass landscapes for your home, contact Kansas City Artificial Grass. Our highly trained and experienced specialists can provide you with the following turf solutions:

  • 100% Made in the USA grass
  • Realistic and soft-to-the-touch blades
  • Zero watering and mowing
  • Dirt-free surfaces
  • Non-allergenic and non-toxic materials
  • Reasonably priced surfaces

We are the name you can rely on for seamless and affordable landscapes using synthetic grass near Kansas City. Call 866-309-8873 now to get started on your installation project!