Dogs with thick fur need special care and grooming. Otherwise, their coat will get matted and tangled. Things also tend to stick to their coat. They often come home with stowaways in their fur after spending time outside. That means yards, which hide a lot of dog hazards, can be dangerous for them. Fortunately, synthetic grass in Kansas City is here to save the day!

Yard safety is no longer an issue for dogs with thick coats once you install artificial grass. After all, it doesn’t have the following hazards that are common in natural lawns:

Foxtail Grass

Foxtail grass is a common problem for dogs who spend time outside. The sharp-tipped bristles on this plant grow up to three inches long. It hides in high grasses or even under piles of snow.These sharp seeds can stick to your dog’s coat or paw pads. They can cause a lot of pain, and if you don’t remove them right away, they can break through skin and result in infections.

Unlike foxtail grass, synthetic grass in Kansas City is lush and soft. No part of it is sharp, so you don’t have to worry about your dogs coming home with foxtail grass on their coat.


One of the many benefits of artificial grass is that it’s virtually dirt-free.If your dogs have thick hair, then you know how much work it takes just to keep their fur clean. This can be a real challenge in the summer when they are running around in hot weather. When they roll around on the ground or play in the mud, their fur gets dirty very quickly—and washing it all off can be difficult.

Artificial grass doesn’t have a speck of dirt. And you can use it to cover the ground completely so that your dogs can’t play on the soil and get dirty. That means you can look forward to your dogs coming indoors with their coats still clean.


Mud is one of the biggest yard hazards for dogs with thick fur. It can soak into their coat and leave them dirty and smelling bad. Even if they don’t step in it, they can still get mud on their paws or legs when they walk through it.Mud on fur can irritate your dog’s skin and make them uncomfortable. It can also contain harmful bacteria like Leptospirosis.

Artificial grass in Kansas City never gets muddy because it’s dirt-free. You don’t have to worry about your dogs soaking up wet dirt when they play on your synthetic lawn on a rainy day.


Another yard pitfall for dogs with thick hair is puddles—especially ones that contain bacteria.If your dogs step into these puddles, they could soak their paws or legs in bacteria-infested water. That could cause skin irritation or give them an infection if they lick it later. Some puddles also contain parasites, like Giardia, that can make dogs sick.

Artificial grass has excellent drainage, so water never stagnates on its surface. The only time you’ll find puddles on its surface is when it’s raining enough to flood your neighborhood. And in those cases, you and your dogs are better off staying indoors.

Keep Your Dogs Safe With Artificial Turf in Kansas City

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