Artificial grass in Kansas City can change your life as a homeowner. Imagine never having to mow your lawn again. No more paying absurd bills for water, pulling out weeds or worrying about your lawn drying out when it’s hot. It’s even better if you have pets — you can say goodbye to lawn burn, torn up gardens or holes that are evidence of digging.

It’s safe to say that synthetic turf offers the best parts of having a beautiful grass lawn while wiping out all the stressful and expensive maintenance.

But what’s the price?

Think of Artificial Grass as an Investment, Not a Cost

The average US household spends at least $500 on lawn care every month. That’s just for basic maintenance, like trimming, mowing and edging. Multiply that by 12 and you’re looking at $6, 000 a year on your lawn alone.

And did we mention these figures are from 2017? The price of everything has gone up since then!

Now multiply that by 10 years and you’ve spent $60, 000 for just one part of your home. Worse, all that money doesn’t even guarantee you a green lawn. Natural grass is vulnerable to weeds, insects, weather changes, diseases and other issues. You can still end up paying for a lawn that’s full of bare patches or faded green.

With artificial grass, however, you only pay once for the installation and never again. It can last for up to 20 years with barely any maintenance at all! The price might naturally be higher than natural turf initially, but will save you thousands of dollars over its lifetime.

In other words, Kansas City artificial grass is an investment that pays for itself in just a few years.

And don’t forget that artificial grass looks just as good or better than natural lawns, while being safer and more eco-friendly.

Factors that Go into Synthetic Grass Installation Costs

Calculating the cost of synthetic turf installation depends on elements like:

  • Size and shape of the area
  • How much ground preparation it requires
  • Access to the installation site
  • Artificial grass quality
  • Type of application (e.g. recreational applications such as bocce courts and putting greens typically cost more than regular landscaping turf)

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering when is the perfect time for installation, here’s how to tell.

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Finally, remember that the biggest cost of all is not having artificial grass installed in your yard! Don’t waste another minute or penny trying to keep your grass alive. You deserve a better, safer and low-maintenance lawn – and you can take the first step today!

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