Artificial grass is gaining popularity among pet owners. With the multitude of benefits artificial grass in Kansas City offers, it is no surprise that more pet owners are switching.

Why Artificial Grass Promotes Pet Health

If you are a pet owner who is just starting to explore, you may be wondering what artificial grass can offer to you and your beloved pets. To help pet owners, we have listed how it helps create a healthier pet environment.

Keeps critters and parasites away

Ticks and fleas love natural grass lawns with overgrown grass and weeds. As such, it is vital to have a strict maintenance routine for natural grass. Unsanitary practices could lead to bug infestation which could be harmful to pets.

Artificial helps keep parasites away. By installing artificial turf in Kansas City, it eliminates potential parasite breeding grounds. Moist and shady environments are inviting to bugs. Since artificial grass does not grow, there’s no need to worry about overgrowth. It also stays dry and clean because of its built-in drainage system. It lets water and most liquids pass through with ease.

Another important feature is that pets will not be able to get to the soil no matter how much they dig. Synthetic grass in Kansas City prevents pets from accidentally ingesting critters out of curiosity.

Is easy to sanitize

Even when pets poop or urinate on artificial grass in Kansas City, cleaning is fairly easy. After scooping up solid waste, you can easily hose down the turf to remove any fecal and urine residue. Since it has permeable backing, it lets liquids pass through.

With regular hosing down, urine and fecal residue will not get stuck in between the grass blades. Additionally, you can apply soapy water on the pet turf. This ensures that the turf is sanitary for the pet and the members of the household. There are also turf cleaning agents in the market for deep cleaning.

Artificial grass is chemical-free

Unlike natural grass lawns, there’s no need to use fertilizers or insecticides. These chemicals often contain substances that are harmful not only to pets but to pet owners as well.

Moreover, artificial grass in Kansas City is made of non-toxic materials. Be sure to check the certificates of the turf that you are getting. Look for artificial grass brands that are 100% lead-free and non-toxic.

Keep Pets Happy and Healthy

Keep pets happy and healthy. Make the switch and enjoy a stress-free lawn that is great for you and your pets. Call us at 866-309-8873 to get a free quote. Get started with your project today!