Most of the people who switch from natural grass to the leading artificial turf in Kansas City do so not for its aesthetic appeal but its durability.

Synthetic grass can withstand heavy traffic and wear and tear for up to 15 years. It can also endure extreme weather conditions such as high heat and heavy rain with little to no damage. With these benefits, it’s no wonder many homeowners in Kansas City consider artificial turf to be a property must-have!

Synthetic Turf vs. Extreme Weather Conditions

Keeping a natural lawn in Kansas City is a battle against the elements. The summer heat is often unforgiving, rainfalls frequently come with the risk of flash floods, and snow accumulates to an average of 15 inches per year. You’ll need to take active measures against these conditions, and even then, there’s a risk that your lawn won’t survive the seasonal onslaught.

Switching to synthetic grass eliminates most weather-related problems. Here’s how:

  • Rain

Since it’s synthetic, artificial grass won’t suffer from being submerged for hours—a definite advantage for properties in flood-prone areas. It also features an excellent drainage system, which allows it to get rid of excess water efficiently.

  • Frost and Snow

High-quality Kansas City artificial grass is made out of materials that can endure cold climates. Install it with the right infill, and it won’t freeze completely even in the harshest of temperatures. Unlike with natural turf, you don’t need to spend a lot to revitalize your lawn. You just need to let the frost melt, then hose off debris from the synthetic turf. Its drainage system will do the rest.

  • High Heat

Never worry again about the sun damaging your lawn. Not only does synthetic grass endure high heat without wilting or becoming brittle, but it also retains its vibrant color despite direct sun exposure. Droughts are also not an issue.

Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips throughout the Seasons

High-quality synthetic turf is durable but not indestructible. Most last up to 15 years. With the right care and upkeep, however, artificial grass can last up to 25 years. Follow these upkeep tips to give your turf the longest lifespan possible.


  • Hose off dirt, branches, and other post-winter debris that have accumulated on top of the synthetic turf.
  • Even the best synthetic grass in Kansas City is not entirely impervious to weeds. To stave off the growth of even the most persistent weed types, apply non-toxic herbicide to your turf.


  • Keep the surface clean by spraying off dirt, dust, and other debris with a hose.
  • Groom your grass with a brush, broom, or plastic rake to help keep it upright despite heavy traffic.
  • To get rid of stubborn stains after messy lawn parties and picnics, apply a water and vinegar solution on the affected part.


  • Clear off dried leaves, branches, and other debris with a broom, rake, or leaf blower.
  • Before the winter months, make sure your artificial turf is installed securely on your grounds. Check its nails or adhesive. Consider contacting your synthetic grass installer to assess your lawn.


  • The best way to get rid of snow is to leave them be. Let the snow or ice melt on its own when spring comes.
  • If you need to remove the snow, use a lightweight shovel or a snowblower. Be careful not to damage your artificial turf.

Beat Extreme Weather Conditions with Proper Lawn Upkeep

Never worry again about how the rain, heat, or snow will affect your lawn’s health and aesthetic. Cover your outdoor spaces with the leading artificial turf in Kansas City!

For durable, high-quality synthetic grass and expert installation, Kansas City Artificial Grass has you covered. Whether your project involves ground-level spaces like lawns or high-level locations like rooftops, trust our specialists to get the job done perfectly.

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