Autumn is a beautiful season. The foliage is changing color and their leaves are falling all over your lawn. Unfortunately, fallen leaves can be bad news for your natural grass. If you don’t remove them immediately, they’ll eventually kill your lawn. If you don’t want to rake leaves all season, you can always replace your turf with artificial grass in Kansas City. It’ll give you a pristine, low-maintenance lawn that the fallen leaves can’t harm.

Why Fallen Leaves Can Kill Natural Lawns

If there’s a layer of leaves on top of your natural lawn, its roots won’t be able to absorb water and fertilizers. In short, it won’t get enough water and nutrients to grow and stay healthy.

Plus, fallen leaves covering the turf prevent proper air circulation. Without proper air circulation, mold can grow on your lawn—and molds are bad for any lawn. The layer of foliage can also reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches the grass, which is another reason why mold loves to grow on leaves.

Finally, fallen leaves reduce water evaporation from the soil in hot weather. This can promote mold growth and worse yet: turf diseases.

Artificial Grass Is Immune to Fallen Foliage Damage

When you choose artificial grass in Kansas City over natural turf, you’re choosing to have a lawn that’s immune to the damage that fallen leaves can cause.

Moreover, artificial grass doesn’t need specific conditions, like proper irrigation and adequate sunlight, to stay soft and green. It does this on its own because it’s synthetic. So even if you don’t remove fallen leaves from its surface right away, it will still look and feel great!

In addition, synthetic grass is water resistant, non-absorbent and has great drainage. That means it dries quickly when it gets wet and it won’t create conditions that are ideal for mold growth. So you don’t have to worry about fallen leaves making it moldy. And because artificial grass has no organic material, turf diseases cannot infect it.

Should You Remove Leaves From Artificial Grass Immediately?

It’s always best to remove leaf litter as soon as possible. After all, they can attract various pests to your yard. However, you don’t have to hurry in removing leaves from your synthetic lawn. They won’t have any adverse effects on the synthetic grass in Kansas City.

Dos and Don’ts When Removing Leaves From Artificial Lawns

When you’re cleaning up leaves from your artificial grass, keep these dos and don’ts in mind:

Do: Use a Plastic Broom to Sweep the Leaves

Wet fallen leaves might stick to the turf. You can use the broom to scrub the fallen leaves off the grass.

Don’t: Use Metal Tools

Rakes and other metal tools can damage artificial grass because they’re made for harder surfaces. So don’t use them on your synthetic lawn.

Do: Clear Out Big Spaces With a Leaf Blower

It’s a lot faster than sweeping your entire yard. Blow the leaves into a pile for easier collection later.

Don’t: Forget to Bag the Leaf Piles

Place them in plastic bags for disposal. Then, hose down the turf area they were on to clean it up.

Have a Hassle-Free Fall With Kansas City Artificial Grass

Here at Kansas City Artificial Grass, we offer synthetic turf products that will look great no matter what the season.

And if you’re ready to replace your natural lawn with an artificial one, we can help you do it in no time. Our turf experts can also give you design ideas and help you landscape your lawn so that it looks natural and beautiful.

If you have any questions or want a quote, please contact us online. We’d be happy to help you out!