Earlier in the history of artificial grass, synthetic grass established a reputation among professional athletes as hazardous. At that time, “synthetic grass” disappeared a thin layer of green plastic carpet laid over a firm area. No wonder professional athletes who fell on it harmed themselves! Nevertheless, in the following years, producers of synthetic grass have put a great deal of effort and research into making their lawns more secure and safe for all. Sadly, the idea that synthetic grass is somehow less safe than natural grass has stuck.

Research done at the Penn State Center for Sports Surface Research study shows that although professional athletes playing on artificial turf and natural grass harm themselves about the very same amount, injuries sustained on synthetic grass were less significant and needed less recovery time. Over the 5 years of this research study, injuries sustained on artificial turf tended to scrapes, contusions, muscle-related injury and other non-contact injuries. On the other hand, professional athletes using natural grass sustained more head injury and ligament injuries which needed more healing time overall.

In spite of its early performance history, artificial turf is quite frankly just as safe, if not more secure for athletes than natural grass. Additionally, an artificial playing surface area is a lot more durable than a natural one; it will not get strained throughout the rainy spring or rock hard and crusty during the dry seasons. A synthetic field will be soft and playable throughout the whole year. For all athletes in Kansas City, Missouri.

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