Natural grass never fails to make your home look sophisticated. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to grow and maintain a consistent, beautiful lawn. If your heart is set on greening up your outdoor spaces, you can find the perfect alternative in artificial turf in Kansas City.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Artificial grass is a great option for homeowners looking to improve the appearance of their homes. Here’s why:

  • Synthetic grass is more durable than its natural counterpart but maintains a natural appearance.
  • Bad weather conditions, high foot traffic and frequent use can’t damage its turf.
  • It comes in purpose-specific varieties, such as golf turf and pet turf.
  • Expert installers can install it on different surfaces, such as soil, wood, concrete and more.
  • It looks good on outdoor areas that have a lot of hardscapes, like patios, driveways and swimming pools.
  • Common lawn problems, such as weeds, pest infestations and turf diseases, don’t affect artificial grass.
  • Synthetic turf stays lush, soft and green all year-round with minimal upkeep.

Design Ideas for Outdoor Spaces Using Artificial Turf in Kansas City

Spruce Up Fire Pit Surrounds

A fire pit is a great centerpiece for an outdoor living room. But it’s not the most welcoming space because it’s usually surrounded by hardscapes like concrete or stone.

Make your fire pit more inviting by installing artificial grass around it. The soft, lush green will make it feel more like a natural gathering place outdoors and it will be luxurious underfoot for anyone sitting nearby.

Just make sure to leave some distance between the turf and the pit to prevent hot coals from melting your installation.

Show Off an Evergreen Accent Wall

Make your home the envy of your neighbors with an attractive synthetic grass wall. It’s not as difficult to maintain as a natural grass wall and it won’t go brown in the heat of summer or become muddy after rain.

To make it more unique, you can mix artificial grasses of different colors and pile heights. Create geometric shapes or flowy patterns. You can also keep it simple by using one turf type.

Create Patterned Lawns

Give your outdoor space more depth and dimension with a patterned lawn. Mix different kinds of artificial turf together to form fantastic patterns.

For instance, if you have a large front yard or backyard, you might opt for a checkerboard pattern. Use two different kinds of turf to make distinct squares. You could also put down one kind of artificial grass for most of the lawn and use another to make a path around the perimeter.

Get a Landscaped Putting Green

Bring friends together over some friendly competition or get your kids to spend time outdoors with a synthetic putting green.

Get creative with your green by adding different obstacles and terrain into its design. Expert installers can incorporate various features, such as hills and tunnels, into your green in a way that looks natural. Choose synthetic grass in Kansas City that’s designed for putting greens to get the same ball roll quality as competition-level courses.

Green Up Outdoor Dining Areas

Give your outdoor dining area a cozier atmosphere by adding artificial grass around it. You’ll be able to enjoy meals in the sun without worrying about dirt damaging your clothes or furniture.

Also, don’t worry about spills staining or leaving unpleasant odors on artificial turf. Just rinse, wash and scrub the affected area with liquid soap and water and it’ll look good as new!

Breathe New Life to Natural Landscaping

Artificial turf can enhance your landscaping by providing a lush green foundation for the plants and trees in your yard.Not only is this an easy way to up the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, but it’s also a smart investment that will save you money on water bills.

You can also rest assured that your trees and plants won’t have competition for the nutrients in your soil. After all, synthetic grass doesn’t need soil to thrive.

Make a Secluded Oasis

No one likes being interrupted when they’re trying to relax. That’s why building a secluded sitting area is high on most homeowners’ wish lists.

You can make your hidden haven feel even more private with artificial grass hedges. Not only do they hide your spot from view, but they also help muffle sounds. You can also lay down synthetic turf on the floor to make the space more comfortable.

Got a pond that you’re looking to spruce up with artificial grass? Check out this guide for smart ideas on how you can take it to the next level.

Give Your Home a Major Makeover With Artificial Grass in Kansas City

Synthetic grass never goes out of style. So you can never go wrong with using it in your home improvement projects. Whether you want to try these ideas or have a unique plan of your own, Kansas City Artificial Grass can help you get it done in no time.

Our team has years of experience in landscaping and installing artificial grass for spaces of all shapes and sizes. Plus, we only use premium artificial grass for landscaping. You can be sure that your installation will last for 10 years or more.

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