Many Kansas City homeowners have given up on natural grass. They’ve had it and they’re over it.
It needs to be watered, fertilized and mowed constantly. The natural grass dies and goes brown in the summer. Your dog never stops digging it up, killing it with their pee and bringing in mud from every walk. It’s a mess!

What’s a tired homeowner to do? Well, you could give up on having a yard and let it go to the dogs (pun intended). Or, you can embrace the trend towards artificial turf in Kansas City and get your yard looking green, clean and amazing again.

Here are five reasons why 2022 is the best time to swap out your natural grass for artificial turf:

1. Artificial turf save $$$

Grass seeds and sod may be cheap, but it bites you back in the long run. You have to water your lawn, fertilize it and mow it constantly. All that costs a lot of money (and time!).

Artificial turf requires no water, no fertilizer and it doesn’t die when the heat gets too high or the storm brings down a bunch of branches. It’s always green, never muddy and you’ll save a ton on your yard work costs for 10 years or more.

2. Artificial turf leave no mess

Your dog likes to dig. They like to pee on the lawn. They like to roll in mud puddles, eat weeds and drag in random things they find outside. And they don’t understand why you get so upset about it.

With artificial turf in Kansas City, your dog will get the same great backyard fun without all the mud and mess. It’s also easier to clean up. After Rover pees on it, you can simply spray water on the spot and watch it disappear.

3. No Weeds, Less Pests

Natural grass is a magnet for weeds. They grow out of the ground like magic! And when they do, they choke out your grass and make it look sick. Some are even poisonous to pets.

But that’s not the worst part of weeds. They can also attract pests such as ants, mosquitoes, spiders, fleas and ticks.

The best artificial grass in Kansas City has a weed barrier, so those pesky weeds can’t take root and grow. Plus, there’s no soil or moist patches for bugs to breed in. Bye-bye pests!

4. No Dead Spots

Artificial grass doesn’t have to be cut to the same height as natural grass. You never have to trim or mow it at all! Which means it won’t die in patches or get too long. Every time you look into your yard, the only thing you’ll see is green.

5. Year-Round Use

Natural grass is always dying and going brown. The heat, the cold, the wind and even your dog’s pee can kill it off. And it never comes back without a ton of work.

With Kansas City MO artificial grass, you can enjoy your lawn and play with your dog outside all year long. You’ll love how fresh and green your backyard stays, no matter what our fickle Missouri weather throws at it.

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