Want to invest in a backyard putting green, but unsure if artificial turf in Kansas City, Missouri is right for you?

We get it! Despite modern synthetic turf being on par with the real thing. Many people still expect it to be inferior to natural grass.

Don’t let yourself miss out on your dream backyard putting green just because of misinformation. Here are facts behind common myths about artificial grass products!

Expectation: You can’t customize artificial putting greens.

    • ✔ Reality: Artificial turf is way more customizable than real grass.

      For example, you may choose a shade for your synthetic turf that will blend in with the surrounding landscape and your home or office décor.

      You can also opt for unique designs, including intricate patterns with shaded regions, edging, contours and undulations for a more realistic touch. All applicable to putting greens, artificial grass lawns, pet turf, and more.

      Additionally, you can have any feature you want on your green. Think bunkers, a tee box, water hazards, multiple holes and other elements that make backyard golf challenging and fun.


Expectation: Artificial turf is not very durable.

    • ✔ Reality: Synthetic turf is one of the toughest landscaping materials you can use.

      Synthetic grass in Kansas City can last from 10 to 20 years or more. Even if it’s installed outdoors in commercial applications or on high-traffic residential putting greens.

      Synthetic grass will also resist tearing or shredding better than real grass, so whether you are practicing your putting skills or playing a round of speed golf with friends, you don’t have to worry about replacing your greens when they become worn out.


Expectation: Artificial putting greens look fake.

    • ✔ Reality: They mimic the appearance of natural grass while outperforming it in many other areas.

      Synthetic turf perfectly imitates the texture and color of live grass. For instance, the blades bend slightly with each putting stroke, which simulates the natural movement of real grass.

      It also provides a realistic resistance to the ball, which makes it easy to get your putter to your desired spot on the green every time.


Expectation: Putting on artificial golf greens is more difficult than playing on real grass.

    • ✔ Reality: Artificial putting greens provide excellent speed and roll, so it’s easier to read the green and putt consistently.

      To create a putting surface indoors or outdoors that offers true putting conditions, a bed of synthetic green fibers goes over a strong backing that can support these fibers under extreme weight.

      High-grade, UV-resistant stitching then attaches the base layer to the fibers, which keeps them in place and prevents them from separating.

      From there, a synthetic grass carpet then covers the artificial bedding layer, which allows for even ball roll and consistent speed.

      This process ensures proper putting conditions year-round with little or no maintenance required and makes it easier than ever before to practice your putting skills and consistency.


Expectation: Artificial grass in Kansas City is not eco-friendly.

    • ✔ Reality: High-quality synthetic turf comes from 100% recyclable materials.

      In fact, artificial turf is better than real grass for the environment in several ways. For instance, besides being 100% recyclable, artificial turf reduces soil compaction in natural grass putting greens and sports fields.

      When the ground is less compacted, rainwater penetrates the soil more thoroughly, which means it can replenish underground aquifers more effectively. It also helps prevent storm runoff.

      Synthetic grass doesn’t produce pollen or need water, fertilizer or pesticides to stay green and healthy. This reduces the number of pollutants that enter waterways from run-off every time it rains.


Expectation: Backyard putting greens are only for professional golfers.

    • ✔ Reality: Artificial putting greens provide a great way to improve your skills, whether you play golf for fun or as a pro.

      Artificial putting greens are perfect for golfers of all skill levels. It offers the opportunity for anyone to practice their putts and improve their consistency by hitting putts like they’re on an actual golf course – every time.


Get Started with Artificial Turf in Kansas City

Artificial grass is the perfect choice for any backyard putting green. It’s durable, low maintenance and you can design it to suit your personal tastes.

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