Playrooms are rarely the focus when interior designing a home. But putting more effort with Artificial Grass is highly rewarding.

A simple thing you can install inside one that will leave a lasting impression is artificial grass. in Kansas City homes, it will draw positive responses from guests. And the best reaction you’ll get is the one from your precious child!

Read on to learn how to incorporate synthetic turf into a playroom.

5 Ways to Improve Playrooms Using Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has a dual benefit of upgrading the look and function of a playroom. Here are some ideas that achieve one or both:

1. Artificial Grass Outdoor-Themed Playrooms

If your child is interested in nature or sports, you can give them the biggest surprise of their life by installing synthetic turf in their playrooms. It looks and feels like natural grass, so it’s easy to design an outdoor-themed room using it as your foundation.

Complete the sports field look by adding football, baseball or track and field striping to your artificial grass in Kansas City. You can even paint a logo of your child’s favorite team.

On the other hand, you can add animal throw pillows and shelving or paint the wall in a jungle motif. Ask your child about the look they would like. To make it truly memorable, both of you can finish the project together!

2. Playset Cushion

Indoor playgrounds aren’t complete without slides, monkey bars, vertical poles, rope walls and other features. But these contraptions that make them appealing can also lead to painful bumps and hot tears.

Installing cushioning material beneath the playset helps soften the impact of falls and tumbles. Artificial grass makes the perfect cushioning since it also gives an illusion of being at an outdoor playground.

For added protection, install a shock pad beneath the turf. This can give you peace of mind while letting your child enjoy the playset to the fullest.

3. Wall Padding

Who says artificial grass is only for floors? Vertical installations are quite popular in modern houses and offices to invigorate living spaces.

The same is true when it’s applied to playrooms. Aside from giving them a unique aesthetic, it can be used to pad hard interior walls.

Rough play can happen anytime, especially with playmates and siblings. Padding your walls helps prevent injuries when a child bumps into them.

4. Dollhouse Flooring

Whether your child owns a dollhouse or an indoor playhouse, installing artificial grass beneath it completes the picture. The grass can also be customized to fit the theme of the toy.

Try changing its color using temporary or permanent synthetic turf paints. You can even cut it into shapes to fit your child’s preferences. The options are practically endless!

Artificial turf in Kansas City also has a functional purpose. Small items that are dropped won’t break, dent or even bounce far away, making them easier to retrieve.

5. Sitting Area Flooring

The simplest way to make sitting areas more attractive is to install artificial grass flooring. But apart from the visual improvement, it offers several advantages down the line.

Sitting areas that serve as workstations can get pretty messy. But you can simply wash away spilled paint and sticky debris with plain water right after the activity.

The grass also protects softwood floors from chair and furniture scratches. In fact, you can do away with chairs since the turf is soft enough to sit on comfortably for long periods.

Wow Your Child With a Artificial Grass Playroom

Your child will be proud to own a playroom that’s different from their playmates’. Try any of these ideas for synthetic grass in Kansas City to transform a simple space into an exciting emerald kingdom!

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