Most weekend golfers don’t think much about putting. They focus on increasing their distance and honing their long shots. Don’t make the same mistake. Putting can be the difference between reaching and missing the hole. If you want to get serious about putting, invest in a backyard putting green. Then, use artificial turf in Kansas City to make it instead of natural grass.

What’s Wrong With a Natural Putting Green?

A natural putting green is hard to grow and maintain. Slight changes in its upkeep and environment, such as watering it less than usual or a storm, can affect grass growth.

Moreover, natural grass takes damage from swings and putts easily, and you’ll have to repair and give it time to recover after multiple rounds. In short, it’s not ideal for regular putting practice.

Why An Artificial Putting Green Is Perfect for Putting Practice

Artificial grass offers the same playability as pro-level courses with minimal upkeep.When you buy it, it’s already in the right density and height for putting. All you have to do is have installers set it up and you can start using it for practice right away.Plus, synthetic turf is incredibly durable, so it won’t bend or break even if you play on it a lot.

Best Practice Drills to Do on Artificial Turf in Kansas City

Want to putt like a pro? Start by doing these practice drills on your synthetic putting green regularly.

Clock Putting Drill

The Clock Putting drill is a great way to practice your short game and learn how to read greens. It has three parts: the center circle, the 12 o’clock position, and the 6 o’clock position.

To start, place your ball in the center circle with your feet at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. From there, make a putt in each direction until you have made 100 total putts (50 from each direction.)

This drill will help you improve both your speed control and reading ability when it comes to putting on an artificial green.

1-2-3 Putting Drill

The 1-2-3 putting drill is a great way to practice your short game. Plus, it’s a great exercise for building muscle memory.

Set up a cup about 10 feet away from you, then putt the ball into the cup in three consecutive strokes. If you make all three strokes, you move on to the next cup, which will be placed another 10 feet away from you.

If you miss one stroke, your turn ends and you have to start over at the first cup on the Kansas City artificial grass. This drill helps build confidence in your strokes as well as consistency with your speed, direction, and aim of each putt.

100 Straight Putts Drill

In this drill, you’ll putt from the same spot over and over again until you reach 100 straight putts.

It will help you get used to the speed and feel of a green without worrying about any obstacles or slopes in front of you. It’ll also help you ensure your stroke is smooth and consistent.

Meter Stick Drill

The Meter Stick drill will help you develop your sense of pace and distance when putting. You’ll need a meter stick and some balls for this one.

Place one ball about 10 feet away from your meter stick, then another ball about 20 feet away from your meter stick, and so on. Do it until you’ve reached the end of the distance you’d like to practice with (say 50 feet.)Now try to hit each ball in succession with just enough force so that it lands on top of the one before it.

Build Your Dream Green With the Best Artificial Grass in Kansas City

The turf quality of your synthetic putting green has a huge impact on its playability. For a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain course that’s perfect for games and practice, contact Kansas City Artificial Grass.

Our synthetic grasses for putting greens mimic the turf on exclusive golf and country clubs. And if you let our team handle installation instead of DIY-ing it, you can start practicing your putts on them in no time.

Fill out our contact form or call us at 866-309-8873 if you have questions about our products and services. We’d be happy to help!