Ponds magically create another dimension to backyards. Having a pond outside your using artificial turf home instantly brightens the mood and signals chill and relaxation. It may take a lot of time and effort to install ponds but once you have it set, there is only a little maintenance needed.

There are a lot of styles to choose from in designing ponds as ponds come in all shapes and sizes. If you already have a garden and enjoy the outdoors, try adding a pond and complement it with artificial turf in Kansas City.

Designing Ponds 101 Using Artificial Turf

First, you have to decide the location and if you want a small or big pond. Then, think about the shape and depth. After which, you have to choose what other design elements will you be adding like fish, plants and surrounding landscape. To help you decide how to design your pond, here are 4 design ideas you can consider:

1. There’s beauty in borders.

You’ll never go wrong with borders. Try bordering your pond with concrete, tiles, marble or big and small rocks. Paved borders add a more polished look to your pond while rocks add a more natural feel to it.

Surround those borders with artificial turf in Kansas City for a more well-kept design. Synthetic grass never grows so you will not have to worry about overgrown grass invading your borders and pond.

Artificial turf has revolutionized landscaping with its lifelike features and being environmental-friendly. It is also very easy to maintain giving you more time to experiment with your pond designs.

2. Backyard gathering.

Try placing your pond in an isolated area in your backyard and have your celebrations with friends and family there. Add big rocks and ornamental flowers and plants for a more celebratory feel. Synthetic grass for Kansas City backyards will also help in complementing the whole design.

Artificial turf can withstand heavy foot traffic so you can have as many guests as you want. You can host gatherings frequently, too. It can also withstand all kinds of weather and even the harshest temperatures.

3. Simple and focused.

To homeowners who love decorative fish, you can have a small pond in the edge or center of your backyard just for admiring the fish. Koi fish are the usual choice and add bright colors to your landscape.

You can try surrounding this pond with flat rocks or marble and artificial grass creating a contrast of colors. You don’t have to worry about color fading as artificial turf remains vibrantly green for as long as 15 years.

4. Wooden beauty.

Level up your creativity by incorporating wooden flooring on top of your square or rectangular pond. Then surround the pond with clean and green garden beds for more zen. Add several chairs, tables and wooden accessories to complete the look.

Use synthetic grass for the garden beds so you will never have to mow, fertilize and worry about weeds.

Elevate Your Pond Designs with Artificial Turf Today!

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