Kansas City durable artificial grass can last from 10 to 15 years —sometimes even as long as 20 years despite constant use. The key is to follow proper upkeep practices to prevent and minimize damage to your synthetic yard. Follow these four easy maintenance tips to enjoy your beautiful artificial lawn for many years to come.

4 Tips to Prolong the Lifespan of Artificial Grass

While synthetic turf requires minimal effort to maintain compared to natural grass, that doesn’t mean that you can downplay its upkeep. Remember, anything that is exposed to the elements 24/7 will always need a certain degree of maintenance to stay in top condition. The amount of care you need to pour into your lawn will also depend on its location. For instance, a front garden will require less maintenance than a backyard that gets heavy use from parties, children and pets. Regardless of where you place the best artificial grass in Kansas City these four tips are an excellent way to extend its lifespan:

  1. Remove debris regularly.

Garden debris, such as leaves and twigs, will eventually find their way into your artificial lawn from surrounding areas. While they won’t damage the synthetic turf, their presence can encourage weed growth or rot on your yard if they’re left on the surface.

Remove them using a leaf blower, plastic rake or a broom. Examine your yard after sweeping off debris and watch out for seeds. Remove them by hand if necessary to keep them from growing into weeds. To prevent all weed growth in the future, invest in a weed membrane under your artificial grass during installation.

  1. Brush your lawn frequently.

Invigorate the fibers of artificial grass by brushing it with a stiff broom regularly. Use a brush with synthetic bristles instead of metal ones to avoid damaging the grass blades. Add brushing your artificial lawn to your yard upkeep routine to maintain its pristine looks and function.

  1. Rotate the heavy equipment on its surface.

Do you often hold backyard barbeques, games, family get-togethers and other activities that involve the use of huge equipment on your synthetic yard? Take note of where you place the heavy gear. The spots that they occupy may deteriorate faster than the rest of the artificial turf.

Ensure even wear and tear throughout your Kansas City durable artificial grass lawn by rotating the placement of outdoor furniture and equipment. This means that no area will be excessively worn out compared with the rest of the yard.

  1. Get rid of stains ASAP.

Stay on top of spills and stains. Deal with them as soon as they occur to prevent permanent staining. Get rid of liquids with a clean cloth or kitchen towel. For hardened or dried stains, gently scrape them off the surface using a knife or spatula.

Use a soft cloth soaked in paint thinner to remove nail polish, cooking oil, lotions and other oil-based stains. Rinse the area with water once the stain is removed to keep the harsh cleaner from corroding the surface. You can also spray a mild solution of water and detergent to clean out dirty spots.

Experience the Wonders of an Artificial Grass Yard Longer

The lifespan of a synthetic yard depends heavily on the quality of both its installation and components. To get the most of your investment trust Kansas City Artificial Grass, your premier artificial grass installer, with your synthetic turf needs. Explore our turf selection and take your pick from some of the finest and most popular synthetic grass in Kansas City. Enhance your home and business with a beautiful and long-lasting artificial grass landscape. Call us today at 866-309-8873 and let’s talk about your new lawn!