Kansas City, MO artificial grass is the ultimate solution for every homeowner tired of neverending lawn chores. A low-maintenance and beautiful alternative to real grass, it’s also fantastic for both children and pets.

While an expert installer will ensure the timely and proper installation of your new synthetic yard, it still pays to know what to expect during the process. Keep these three little-known things in mind to avoid potential problems or confusion during the project.

Expect These 3 Things During Artificial Grass Installation

Looking forward to your brand-new synthetic lawn? You should be! You’re in for many years of a fun, safe and stress-free yard experience. The most complicated part of switching to artificial grass in Kansas City is the installation process, but you can leave the hard work to professional installers.

For your part, it’s essential to know what to expect during the installation phase. It’ll enable you to lessen the disruptions to your routine, prevent issues and stay on top of the entire process. Keep the surprises to a minimum by familiarizing yourself with the following:

1. There’s a lot of prep work involved.

Some of the most crucial parts of installation happen before the synthetic turf is rolled out. Workers will prepare the ground so that your artificial lawn looks and functions as intended. This part involves removing existing sod, applying weedicides and pesticides if necessary, and removing debris. Afterward, the soil must be leveled and turned to clear out unwanted dips and slopes.

Prep work can last for a couple of days, so don’t worry if you do not see any green on your lawn yet. Professionals will only proceed with turf installation when the ground is ready.

2. The project timeline can vary.

Your installers can give you a general idea of how long the project will take, but be aware that it’s a flexible timeline. For instance, a 1, 500 sq.ft. of synthetic grass in Kansas City can typically take anywhere from two to four days to install. However, your project will still depend on several factors, such as:

• The number of installers working on your yard

• Their experience level

• The weather during the project

• The size of your yard

• How complicated your design is

The best way to speed up the installation process is to hire professionals with years of experience, so research your options carefully.

3. Expect your installers to clean up.

No reliable installation company will leave a big mess after the project. At Kansas City Artificial Grass, for example, all we want you to do is enjoy your beautiful synthetic lawn without dealing with leftover turf and debris. We train our team to remove and dispose of waste properly.

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